Onsite Crew App

Category: Modules

At pickup your removal crew will have their job details including the e-list inventory of items quoted on their mobile device. They will label all items with a unique barcode then scan each item as it is loaded, taking photos and adding condition comments. This is viewed by your operations staff in real time making it easy to see any extra items loaded and ensuring your client is charged for all of the space utilized. At delivery the updated e-list including photos and condition comments is uploaded to the delivery crew ensuring all items are identifiable and correctly delivered. The client’s signature accepting delivery is captured on the mobile device and instantly uploaded so it can never be lost.

  • Professional & organised
  • Data transfer of quoted inventory
  • Confirmation of items loaded including photos & condition report
  • Additional items easily identified
  • Complete inventory uploaded to operations team in real time
  • Items checked off at delivery
  • Minimises chance of items being misdelivered