Automated Emails

Category: Modules

Emails are generated throughout the sales, booking and removal process. When your client obtains their initial quote an email is automatically generated confirming their move details including the list (e-list) of items quoted. Every time they update their e-list or change delivery destination a new email is sent with the new e-list and/or details attached. At the time of booking an email is again automatically generated this time confirming pick up details with a copy of the confirmed list of items quoted. At this point you can attach an automatically raised invoice for payment or removal deposit depending on your terms and conditions. Once the consignment has been picked up an email is automatically generated confirming pickup including the list of actual items collected along with the photos and condition comments uploaded by the removal crew. You can customise the emails to your own needs and can upload attachments such as your terms and conditions from a preloaded list or a one off fact sheet if your client has specific requirements.

  • Automated email scheduling, fully editable type & template
  • Automated confirmation of pick up including photos and inventory
  • Maximise communication with client without exhausting admin resources