Tracking & Dispatch

Category: Modules

Your operations team will have all of the information for the upcoming bookings available at a glance ensuring optimal utilisation of available resources. Each day the bookings, including confirmed e-list are uploaded directly to the removal crews mobile device. Once the crew have finished each load the confirmed actual load list is updated and can be viewed by operations staff immediately, giving them the tools they need to deal with any discrepancies. Your client signs confirming pickup and delivery and also has the opportunity to rate and comment on the removal crews performance. This gives you the opportunity to know which removal crew are excelling and which may need some coaching or re-training and gives your client the confidence that you are striving to provide them with the best possible service. Each item is labelled with a barcode unique to each job which is scanned at pick up then into store if required then again at delivery, greatly reducing the chance of items being incorrectly delivery. Manifests are quickly generated semi-automatically. The time stamp indicates the job load order, eliminating the chance of human error or miscommunication.

  • Driver & Resource allocation
  • Data transfer direct to crews
  • Inventories updated in real time (e-list)
  • Electronic signatures captured at pickup and delivery
  • Clients can rate removal crews at pickup and delivery
  • Full consignment tracking
  • Manifests generated