Live Inventory Management

Category: Modules

Your client has the power in their hands from the get go with the live Inventory form. Your website can be viewed at any time of the day or night giving your client the flexibility to get a quote and edit their list of items as many times as they need to as their needs change and become finalised closer to their removal date.

You also have the benefit of knowing exactly what is loaded onto each vehicle or container when your driver checks the items provided by your client off the e-list, labels each item with its unique barcode, scans the barcode then uploads photos and comments as he goes making it clear to you if there are extra items at the pickup point. Giving you the information you need to ensure you receive payment for all of the space your client has utilised.

The e-list saves time at delivery. The photos in conjunction with the barcoded labels and e-list assist the delivery crew in identifying your client’s goods, especially in shared loads. This reduces the chance of short delivery.

  • Online, live & editable inventories.
  • Information entered only once and accessible by all departments and removal crews.
  • Automatic volume calculation – configured to suit your needs
  • Condition report & photos taken at pick up
  • Clear audit trail tracking items through vehicle, storage unit, container & delivery