Onsite Survey App

Category: Features, Modules

First impressions are lasting. Picture two different scenarios, you are getting two quotes from two different companies. The first arrives with a clipboard and pen, scribbling a quick list on a piece of paper, barely able to make eye contact with you while they write profusely. Outdated, haphazard and time consuming. The next arrives carrying only a slimline mobile device, they quickly and efficiently move through your house updating their tablet which they inform you is linked to the webmove system so your inventory, although it can be edited at any time, is added only once. Sleek, professional and accurate. Which company gives you more confidence?

Give your sales team the edge on your competitors. The webmove onsite survey app allows for an accurate inventory to be recorded in real time, inside your clients home. This of course increases accuracy and efficiency and most importantly gives your sales representative more time to focus on your clients requirements.

  • Compile an accurate inventory of items quickly & efficiently direct to mobile device.
  • Professional presentation
  • Information only needs to be entered once.
  • Increased accuracy
  • Spend more time building rapport with your client
  • End user access