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Onsite Survey App

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First impressions are lasting. Picture two different scenarios, you are getting two quotes from two different companies. The first arrives with a clipboard and pen, scribbling a quick list on a piece of paper, barely able to make eye contact with you while they write profusely. Outdated, haphazard and time consuming. The next arrives carrying only a slimline mobile device, they quickly and efficiently move through your house updating their tablet which they inform you is linked to the webmove system so your inventory, although it can be edited at any time, is added only once. Sleek, professional and accurate. Which company gives you more confidence?

Give your sales team the edge on your competitors. The webmove onsite survey app allows for an accurate inventory to be recorded in real time, inside your clients home. This of course increases accuracy and efficiency and most importantly gives your sales representative more time to focus on your clients requirements.

  • Compile an accurate inventory of items quickly & efficiently direct to mobile device.
  • Professional presentation
  • Information only needs to be entered once.
  • Increased accuracy
  • Spend more time building rapport with your client
  • End user access

Barcode Consignment Tracking

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**COMING SOON** Give your clients peace of mind that you are treating their personal effects with the respect they deserve.  Each consignment is allocated a unique job reference number which becomes part of its barcode id. The system automatically generates the appropriate number of barcode labels for the e-list. At pickup individual items are scanned prior to loading. This procedure is followed each time the consignement is transferred whether it be into long term storage, during consolidation or to its final destination.

  • Clear and accurate inventory management
  • Decrease the change of misdelivery

Vehicle Tracking/Job Scheduling

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Put the power back into the hands on your operations team.  GPS tracking gives your staff more control giving them the capacity to see exactly where your vehicles are at any given moment and a “heads up” to any potential issues that may occur. The job scheduling tool allows for automated updates to be sent via SMS to your client and alerts to your operations team if a crew is running behind schedule.

  • Real time crew tracking
  • Google maps integration
  • Automated alerts for operations team and/or client **COMING SOON**

Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, anytime.

Webmove software uses Australian based data centres, can be accessed anywhere at any time and requires no IT investment as it runs off our reliable server. In the unlikely event of an IT problem you have online troubleshooting.

  • Access your data from any mobile device
  • No server required
  • Fully automated backups
  • Platinum rated third party Australia (true blue) data centres
  • 24/7 system support

Sales & Volume Analaysis

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Live reporting shows you at a glance where your leads are coming from and what percentage are being converted to sales. This information can help you track the value of your advertising dollar, clearly indicating what is working and what may need a revamp.

  • Keep track of your conversion ratios
  • Know where your leads are coming from
  • See where to focus more resources.

Automated Emails

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Webmove software allows you to automatically send emails throughout all stages of the removal process. Starting with the initial letter of introduction and quotation with a copy of the e-list attached. Then a booking confirmation including an invoice for payment of a deposit along with attachments as required such as packing tips or your terms and conditions. Or you can send an email to quotes not yet converted into bookings, possibly giving your potential client the push they need to go ahead and book.

  • Automated email scheduling, fully editable type & template
  • Automated confirmation of pick up including photos and inventory
  • Maximise communication with client without exhausting admin resources

Automated Invoicing & Payment Tracking

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An invoice is generated at the time of booking which is then emailed to your client giving them maximum time to make the payment. It is then easy to see which jobs are scheduled for pickup but not yet paid for. This gives your team maximum time to chase up outstanding payments.

  • Stay ahead of debtors
  • Get paid on time
  • Invoices sent without having to re enter information.
  • Can be fully integrated with your current Accounting system.

Paperless process

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As we move further into the digital age paper is thankfully becoming a distant memory. Gone are the days where your driver or contractor had to keep carbon copies of inventories and signatures accepting deliveries. Once your client’s details are entered into the webmove system is can never be lost, destroyed or misfiled and is available at anytime at the click of a button.

  • No paper jobsheets
  • No paper inventories
  • Digital signature at pickup and delivery
  • All job details are live & updated throughout

Everything in one place

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Life just seems to get busier. The truth is it feels like we need more time in the day when in reality we just need the right tools to help us manage it all. Webmove software is the complete software package for the transport industry. Your client’s information is entered only once and accessible to all departments of your business. Any changes made by your client or by the crew at pick up are in real time and automatically updated throughout, eliminating the need to re enter or double handle information.